Helping everyday people identify a psychopath as easily as we recognize a person who is drug impaired. http://crowdfund.geneticpsycho.com  My mission is to increase global psychopathy awareness – in order to recognize, and vote out of government, the politicians who have no conscience. Psychopathic lawmakers are self-serving and their focus on power and greed takes precedence over the well-being of the people.

Championing the cause of neuroscience fMRI psychopathy testing when a person seeks a position of trust (political, romantic, job candidate). ASPD checklists are not good enough.

Examples of neuroscience uses for psychopathy testing:

  1. Before you get into a romantic relationship, you ask your potential partner for an STD test, and a psychopathy test.
  2. Before you enter into a business relationship, you ask your potential partner for verifiable credentials, and a psychopathy test.
  3. Before running for political office.
  4. Being informed, you choose to proceed with the relationship or not.  If you accept them, this means you will be monitoring their every move because they can never be trusted… You decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks & drama.

Psychopaths need to be identified because their void of conscience means they can NEVER be trusted.  No matter how civilized, or “Pro-Social” a psychopath appears to be, they are neurologically unlimited in their capacity to destroy – without paying any consequences.

The vast majority of psychopaths are not violent. Too many people are ignorant of the true existence of psychopaths- most of them go about their selfish, pathologically narcissistic lives without causing physical harm. They are still dangerous because without a conscience, there is no limit to the damage they are capable of doing, in addition to the violence that some exhibit.

The words psychopath and sociopath are interchangeable because there are so many gray areas regarding combinations of their detrimental behaviors – ALL which stem from having no conscience. “Sociopath” is a label, but not a diagnosis.

Is Psychopathy Genetic?  Genes play a significant role in the development of psychopathy. However socialization and other environmental factors interact with genetics, so genes are not the only determinant in whether one has psychopathic traits. http://snip.ly/JjZ

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